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Fruits are the source of vitamins and minerals for our body. For those who want to consume their favorite fruits in all seasons, freeze-dried fruits are the right choice. Our products are 100% natural and additive-free. Does not contain sugar. We attach importance to the packaging of the fruits as much as the cultivation. Thanks to its vacuum packages, you can always consume it fresh. Salih Freeze Dried Fruits, which is the right choice for those who prefer taste and health, offers you a delicious snack with the freshness of the first day.

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Food products consist, on average, of 90% water molecules. With the Freeze Dry technology, the water content of the products is almost completely removed. Products are reduced in weight by one tenth without losing their volume. Bacteria cannot survive in environments where there is no water and air and they cannot spoil food products. Freeze-dried products do not lose any of their vitamins and minerals.


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